Aircraft Ownership is a major investment which carries its associated stress and time consuming responsibilities. Oryx Jet is an experienced ‘Aircraft Management Company’ with a proven track record offers a ‘Transparent, Discreet & Innovative Solution’ to Aircraft Owners and Investors by taking over this responsibility to get the aircraft fully operational in a ‘Cost Effective’ manner for Private Category OR Commercial Category Operations. This allows the Owner to enjoy his aircraft in ultimate privacy; whilst Oryx Jet fully Manage the aircraft and flights for the Owner.

Key Facts of Oryx Jet Aircraft Management Service:

  • One dedicated focal point
  • 24/7 World Wide Operational Support & Flight Watch Service
  • Flight Planning, Weather, Over flight & Landing Permits, Euro Control Slot Monitoring Diplomatic Clearances and Customs Clearance
  • Ground Transportation and VIP Handling
  • VIP Catering
  • Flight Crew Support & Crew Optimizationimage009
  • Maintenance & Technical Planning Support
  • Fuel Cost Management
  • Aircraft Insurance within a Group Policy
  • Continuous Airworthiness Management (CAMO)
  • Cabin readiness and upkeep
  • Aircraft monitoring to assure peak condition and reliability
  • Charter Revenue, Yield Management to Maximize Revenue Potential
  • Aircraft Acquisition and Remarking Service

image011As an Owner or Investor in Aircraft, whether you chose to operate in a Private Category with aircraft registered in the United Kingdom, Isle of Man, Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Aruba, USA, Malta Or Commercial Category on a Public Transport AOC. Oryx Jet has the experience and turn key solutions in getting the best out of your aircraft and protecting your asset. The prime objective being to give the Aircraft Owners and Investors a long term solution for its operations on a world wide basis and associated support in total transparency.

Compliance and Oversight

Oryx Jet Compliance Team comprising of CAMO, Compliance, Quality, Safety Managers shall ensure a smooth induction of your aircraft. The team will deal with the Civil Aviation Authorities to cover all the aspects needed to bring the aircraft into service, as well as setting up the operations, crew planning, SMS, maintenance & CAMO support.

Ground Operations

Oryx Jet Ground Operations Department runs on a 24/7 basis with dedicated operational staff to manage your flights on worldwide basis. They have all the tools, network, communications, software’s in place for flight planning, risk assessment, obtaining flight/landing permits, arranging fuel/handling/catering for departure and onward planning for the arriving destination. This allows for crew readiness to make the flight operate safely with precision and efficiency on time.

Cost Saving

Oryx Jet strives to reduce in-house and out sourced costs, this is achieved by evaluating our processes, negotiating hard with its suppliers for a fair price without compromising service and standards. This allows Oryx Jet to pass on such cost reductions as a trade off. Our prime objective is to be cost conscious and look after the interest of the Aircraft Owners and Investors at all time. Key areas will be maintenance, spares support, insurance, fuel allocations, handling and parking.

Risk Management

Oryx Jet as a responsible operator, has a dedicated team and processes in place to mitigate every flight that it operates in private or commercial category by doing a risk assessment as part of our Safety Management System (SMS) to ensure safe operations. The risk assessment criteria is based suitability of route flown, departure and arrival airports, political situation, crew suitability & crew duty requirements, insurance, maintenance status of the aircraft, back up support, emergency & medical support, as well as other factors and considerations.

Flight Crew

Oryx Jet only employs experienced and type rated crews with a proven track record. All crews must meet the requirements of our training department and will only be released for flying duty once they have met all the training and operational criteria and duly released by the Training Manager.

Finance Administration

Oryx Jet maintains open and transparent financial management with the Aircraft Owners, with each and every cost is accounted for with itemized billing on a monthly statement. It is our policy to have a dedicated focal point to deal with Aircraft Owners on cost control, recommendations and forward planning.

Public Transport Commercial Operations

Oryx Jet holds an EASA Type A and Type B AOC for large and small aircraft. Should Aircraft Owners and Investors wish to make their aircraft available to charter when you are not using it by adding your aircraft to our EASA Public Transport Air Operators Certificate (AOC) and subsequently charter the aircraft in commercial category. This will enable you to offset the costs of aircraft ownership and gain additional return on your valuable investment. The Oryx Jet AOC is not limited to our current licensed aircraft types and your aircraft can be added to the approved list. We have experience of operating a wide range of types including Learjet, Premier 1, Hawker, Falcon, Global Express, Airbus ACJ aircraft, B737-500 BBJ.

Oryx Jet Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation for operators and owners. We plan, track and record scheduled maintenance requirements; respond to Service Bulletins and Airworthiness Directives; handle warranty and program management; and offer 24 hour Aircraft-On-Ground (AOG) support for managed aircraft.

Aircraft Maintenance Records are an important part of an aircraft’s value. Oryx Jet offers a dedicated and independent Continued Airworthiness Management service to private owners and also to commercially operated aircraft.

Oryx Jet holds EASA Part M, Sub-Part G approvals and currently manages a fleet of aircraft under this approval using state of the art computer tracking systems seamlessly interfaced with flight operations and sales. We aim to maximize the aircraft availability whilst controlling cost and keeping our client fully informed of the aircrafts requirements and expenditure. In this way, we can guarantee all our customers the optimum levels of safety and comfort, whilst still providing the flexibility to meet your particular scheduling requirements.

Oryx Jet also holds Bermuda approval for Continuing Airworthiness Management under OTAR Part 39, and can offer CAMO to a wide variety of aircraft types on this register. Where a type is not on our current approval, we have the ability to provide a maintenance program and gain approval from the Authority. We also have close links with other National Aviation Authorities such as the Isle of Man, and can add these countries to our approval should it suit your particular needs


We are often asked ‘What am I getting from CAMO services’.

The lists below, by no means exhaustive, describe some of the functions of our CAMO department.

  • Maintenance tracking, updating and scheduling of the aircraft.
  • (CAMP,CMP,CESCOM) Airworthiness Directive (AD) monitoring and review
  • Service Bulletin monitoring and review
  • Advise client of maintenance items
  • Advising the client of regulatory requirements and coordinating compliance as required Organize out of phase and scheduled maintenance requirements
  • Organize Airworthiness Directives and Service Bulletins to be embodied
  • Organize rectification for all known defects
  • Manage and Archive all technical records
  • Monitor invoices for cost control
  • Organize modification approval if required
  • Monitor and revise operations documents as part of operations manual and as required Monitor and revise AMP/AMS as required
  • AOG coordination support
  • Monthly reporting
  • Manage the aircraft publication and manual subscriptions
  • Advise the client on optional Service Bulletins and modifications
  • FDM/FOQA – Flight Data Monitoring
  • ARC or C of A renewal
  • Aircraft Registration
  • Aircraft Import & Export
  • Radio License Renewal
  • Navigation Approval
  • MEL development and approval
  • Tech log development and approval Technical Acceptance
  • AMP/AMS development and approval
  • Pre Buy Support and Maintenance Oversight

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