Air charter is the business of renting an entire aircraft (chartering) as opposed to individual aircraft seats
(purchasing a ticket through a traditional airline). While the airlines specialize in selling transportation by the seat, air charter
companies focus on individual private aircraft and itineraries, urgent or time-sensitive cargo, air ambulance service, and other forms
of ad hoc air transportation. Some air charter companies offer a large variety of aircraft, such as helicopters and business jets.
Charter jet categories include turbo props, light jets, mid-size jets, super mid-size jets, heavy jets, and airliners. Oryx Jet has
a unique brand and offers its fleet aircraft on worldwide charter operations.

Oryx Jet prides itself on providing Air Charter Services to clients at short notice. We employ the use of Passenger Aircraft
for special purpose transport such as emergency evacuation, or incentive travel.

Our clients include VIP’s, heads of state, sports authorities, group charters, Music & Film industry, hospitals and startup
airlines to name a few.

All of our charter aircraft comply with the latest regulatory requirements and offer the very best in onboard amenities and luxuries, reflecting our uncompromising commitment to safety and comfort. Oryx Je’s fixed wing fleet composition ensures we can offer aircraft to suit any mission, from medium-range light jets with short runway performance, to ultra-long-range aircraft offering non-stop global capabilities.

Through its association with leading operations worldwide, Oryx Jet is able to source the most appropriate type for individual personal or company travel.

Oryx Jet’s partnerships and affiliations with some of the industry’s leading global players, such as the Baltic Air Charter Association (BACA), allows us to make your charter experience an even more secure and pleasurable affair . Quotations are available from any point in the world to the customer’s destination of choice.

Oryx Jet offers bespoke charter solutions and can provide charter availability for 1 to 200 passengers.

Round the world custom packages are a specialty!

Oryx Jet specializes in providing tailor made Wet lease solutions. Our team sources, consults, recommends, negotiates and manages every aspect of the wet lease.

Our team has considerable aircraft charter and lease management experience, with the scale, expertise and dedication to deliver innovative solutions for our customers around the world. Oryx Jet works with a large range of carriers globally, always in touch with their developments to be in a position to give our clients the best service.

We can provide aircraft anywhere in the world to meet short, medium and long term requirements. There are a number of options available to you which include:

Dry leasing (no crew)

Damp leasing (flight deck crew)

Wet leasing (full or partial compliment of cabin crew)

Oryx Jet has a vast experience in arranging private charter flights for world renowned sports personalities and teams.

We’re up there with the world’s best when it comes to organizing sports air charters for sporting professionals and teams.

With our diverse fleet we are able to provide superior charter flight solutions for individual athletes and entire sports squads and their support teams plus we can offer wide selection of business/standard seating arrangements, which is a particularly popular choice for team travel.

From globetrotting individuals such as golf pros, surfers and skiers to national teams and club sides – our sports air charter team are on standby 24/7 to ensure you and your equipment arrive safely in time.

A wide choice of healthy food options is offered by our catering partners to suit every taste and dietary requirement, leaving our sports passengers relaxed and ready to compete.

We are able to provide a highly bespoke service for our corporate clients with the customer’s brand at the forefront of the flight experience.

At Oryx Jet we understand that getting to an important meeting is vital for business. So even if you need to be in three cities in one day, our corporate jet charter team will ensure you and your colleagues arrive on time, well prepared, and completely focused.

When you charter a corporate jet, you won’t experience queues or inconvenient airport locations. Simply let us know your itinerary and our corporate jet charter team will do the rest. And if there’s a change to your plans – that’s no problem. Just give the team a call at any time. We’re available 24/7.

Our team of experts will assist you through every aspect of the flight in order to offer tailor – made experience.

Music & FilmWorking with a variety of artist management and film production companies across the world, Oryx Jet ensures that the right people and equipment are where they need to be on time, before live performances and filming. We are experts in supplying a full range of charter solutions, from last-minute aircraft for one-off concerts to highly complex world tour charter schedules. Our cargo department is able to move everything from stage sets and film equipment to sound systems and lighting rigs.

All our music, film and media air charters are organized in confidence, with suitable security and with minimal check-in procedures. We can also arrange cargo flights, alongside your passenger charters, to transport your film and tour equipment or instruments.

So whether it’s an A-lister or an arc light, we guarantee they’ll be in place for opening night.

Whether the requirement is for travel to a single destination for a film shoot or a time-critical, multi-venue music tour, customers rely on us to deliver a seamless, bespoke service without the stress and constraints of scheduled flying.

Our diverse fleet of aircraft offers worldwide operational capability, wide-ranging seat and cargo capacity and adaptable cabin layouts, so whatever your requirement we have a solution.

We can charter aircraft suitable for carrying all of the following:

Musicians & actors

Crew movements

Film sets

Stage equipment & crews


Major sponsors and VIPs

We understand that royalty and government personnel have special requirements. Which is why, when we arrange VIP charters for royal family members or dignitaries, we liaise closely with security services, embassies and foreign offices to ensure protocol and security needs are met.

Your security and comfort are our main consideration. So you can expect exclusive terminals and VIP lounges; an outstanding level of service before and during your VIP charter flight; and absolute discretion from the onboard team.

And our extensive experience means we’re the preferred supplier to a number of foreign governments and royal families across the globe.

Moving oil and gas teams to offshore sites, into emergency situations or into inhospitable areas such as Alaska or Antarctica can be challenging if not handled by an experienced team. Likewise, oil and gas equipment and spare parts often need to be moved quickly to a remote location at a moment’s notice if lost production time is to be avoided.

Our oil and gas air charter specialists have worked with numerous energy industry clients, and so are adept at designing integrated travel plans which also include specialist ground handling and onward transport.

We can arrange long term, regular crew rotation flights into countries where no suitable scheduled service exists. And we will arrange every aspect of these flights from reservations, passenger manifests, check in arrangements to extra security, cargo and special baggage requirements, using aircraft audited and approved by your aviation team.

As well as oil and gas air charters for personnel, we’re experienced in flying unusual and oversize cargos into remote regions where local infrastructure is limited. These include oil and gas exploration and production facilities, construction sites and engineering