Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance & Insurance


A wet lease is a leasing arrangement whereby one “Airline” or aircraft operator (the lessor) provides an aircraft, complete crew / only cockpit crew, maintenance, and insurance (Hull and third party liability) to another airline or aircraft operator (the lessee), which pays by hours operated. The term ACMI is an acronym signifying Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance and Insurance. Wet Lease (ACMI) solutions are ideal shutterstock_226126132for startup airlines, new route studies, seasonal or sudden demand peaks. Wet leasing an aircraft under an ACMI contract can help ensure you achieve the maximum in airline operational flexibility. When you want to add a new aircraft type to your fleet, or are planning an expansion of capacity or route structure, wet leasing can often be a highly effective solution. Wet Lease Aircraft also fulfill the interim needs created by long term fleet expansion plans whilst maximizing market share in the immediate term. A wet lease is typically utilized during peak traffic seasons or annual heavy maintenance checks, or to initiate new routes. Oryx Jet can offer aircraft on wet lease basis from its fleet aircraft are locked in with airlines on management contacts and wet leases can be tailored and offered on customer requirements.

As a specialist in providing wet lease solutions to the region, Oryx Jet utilizes its local knowledge and extensive network of clients and operators to achieve this status. Oryx Jet identifies Passenger Aircraft, Cargo and Executive Jets for short or long term ACMI lease by using an extensive database of operators and Aircraft worldwide.
We pride ourselves at being professional leasing experts, specializing in the provision of wet lease (ACMI) operations across the globe. Oryx Jet can offer wet lease (ACMI) solutions that offer immediate and effective answers for your fleet expansion/planning targets. We assist airlines by finding them replacement Aircraft at short notice to cover planned maintenance or unplanned AOG situations.

Oryx Jet specializes in providing tailor made Wet lease solutions. Our team sources, consults, recommends, negotiates and manages every aspect of the wet lease.

Our team has considerable aircraft charter and lease management experience, with the scale, expertise and dedication to deliver innovative solutions for our customers around the world. Oryx Jet works with a large range of carriers globally, always in touch with their developments to be in a position to give our clients the best service.

We can provide aircraft anywhere in the world to meet short, medium and long term requirements. There are alternate options available which includes;

1. Damp lease or AMI – AMI (Aircraft, Maintenance and Insurance) is similar to an ACMI or wet lease, but the crew is provided by the lessee. Damp lease includes the provision that crew provided by the lessee undergo safety and Emergency Procedures (SEP) training for the particular type of leased Aircraft.

2. Dry Lease – The lessor leases just the Aircraft to a lessee. This transaction excludes the provision of crew, maintenance and Insurance. The lessee has to acquire an Air Operators Certificate (AOC) and provide registration for the Aircraft. Dry leases are offered on our aircraft by Oryx Jet as a leasing company (lessor) without crew, insurance, maintenance, ground staff or supporting equipment. Dry leases are offered to major airlines and operators holding an AOC, these can be structured from 2 years upwards depending on the airline or operator needs. Oryx Jet will structure the dry lease based on a full review of the operator’s requirements and budget. A typical dry lease will consist of a fixed monthly figure and a maintenance reserves figure for future scheduled maintenance payments based on the hours flown.