Aircraft Management

Aircraft Ownership is a major investment & can provide the ultimate in privacy, productivity, and time savings. However, having to manage an aircraft can quickly reverse many of the benefits. From crewing and maintenance to flight operations and regulatory compliance all of which can bring stressful and time
consuming responsibilities. That is why many owners work with an aircraft management company that can ensure all the benefits of aircraft ownership without any of the hassles. Oryx Jet can provide the perfect solution for all Aircraft Management and operational requirements associated with aircraft ownership.

Oryx Jet services are a comprehensive operations, asset, and charter management solution for aircraft owners. 5f0bb3_d74d0a188206442fabb25b5d1321c440Our team’s experience in the jet charter business assures that every detail is taken care of efficiently and effectively. Whatever type or level of service you seek, our highly personalized approach to aircraft management begins with understating the unique needs and desires of the owner. Oryx Jet will deliver a completely custom-tailored program to fully meet those expectations. Our experienced & dedicated Aircraft Management team will ensure that all tasks associated with owning your own aircraft are taken care of and that every client relationship is a bespoke arrangement.

Our dedicated team of management professionals is available 24/7, and will ensure the smooth running of your aircraft worldwide. We are as much at home in Africa, Asia and Middle East as we are in the UK & Europe,

We specialize in a personal approach and a typical management solution would include:
• Effective, cost management strategies for acquiring, insuring and managing a private aircraft.
• Flight operation and coordination, round the clock support, flight plans, slots and permissions.
• Comprehensive maintenance scheduling b your CAMO team.
• Crew resourcing, management, rostering and training.
• Management only by a Management team known personally to you.